Special Services


Coronavirus (COVID-19). April 2020 : We are all concerned by the pandemic that is affecting much of the world, and now our own country is seeing numbers of deaths caused by the coronavirus COVID 19. The spread of this virus needs to be halted or slowed down, so we have been instructed by our Archbishops to cease all services and home groups or any other non-urgent meetingTherefore we will not be meeting in our churches for Sunday services or any other midweek meeting. You can download and read the current update here or check our FaceBook. To keep up to date, you can subscribe to our Church and Parish News updates

Please let us know if you or anyone you know needs a phone call or urgent supplies collecting. If feel you might be able to help with either of these please let Rob know (01189700884 or 07818064923 email~ robwyoung101@gmail.com ) and we will contact you if needed. Thank you.

Revd Canon Richard Harlow (Rector)           Revd Rob Young (Resident Vicar)